Being a Bachelor (Ep9)

About turn

This is a parade term to turn back and keep on matching or take a halt.

It's 2 months since I started these series and I have always had reasons to push this particular discussion forward, waiting and hoping for the most appropriate time. Well, I guess it's today.

Ask anyone, the major thing that gets tested immediately after school is your faith, how well do you believe in all the things you have confessed because really life will hit you hard, the reality and dynamics of life will hold you spell bound and there are possibilities that you either deviate, choose your path or just lose your guard.

I had an awesome company as an undergraduate, we had so many spiritual activities that always kept us in the right place, well, I'll later find out that there were some unnecessary excesses to our meetings but then, it didn't harm schooling in anyway, so, it was all part of the experience and I remain grateful for them till date.

It was easy to navigate through challenging times during this period, you had people to always pray with, people to prompt you and keep you up on your feet. But you see it becomes a really different ball game when you leave that space and you are all by yourself. At that point, all you have ever believed in gets tested, this is the point where most of us lost it.

What do you do when faced with difficult life situations and all the choices available are clearly not related to what you stand for? Little little compromises take us farther from the truth and gradually we throw in the towel, it wouldn't matter any more.

It could be detrimental to still assume your friends still uphold the same virtues 2 years after. You need to be double sure.

I have gone through the preliminary phase and now the issue is no longer deciding whether to pray or not, it's deciding to always choose what is right. To deviate starts from compromising and telling yourself it will be last, but guess what, life usually has something different in the dish.

Keep your faith strong, don't give up, some compromises aren't really worth it. It's just too early to take a turn. Keep marching on



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