Rejecting Rejections.

It took late for the next, I had to reject the idea of not writing again.

Over the years I have constantly been on the field of No’s and sometimes I get served in the hottest way possible. NYSC didn’t start out with an exception.

I remember getting into town and my passion to not be a roving Corper really sent me into the hands of unpleasant employers, I was seeking for opportunities to leverage on for a scale up on my skill set.

My passion for Integrated Marketing Communication (Advertising, P.R, Brand Comm, Corporate Comm, sales and marketing, Merchandising e.t.c) pushed me to search for firms within this sector, but the 'dry land' syndrome has pushed away people to establish such firms, so the need to seek for something within a closer range arose and the only available options were Print and Broadcast Media.

I decided to opt for these options which I never saw myself ever working in, infact I dredge it as an undergrad. Doing this, I consoled myself with 'I need to have valid experience on all forms of communication’.

To start with, I walked into this Newspaper House and was greeted with a No but with constant visits I was given a yes to start the following day, but the offer wasn’t exciting one bit so, I rejected it.

I visited this Broadcast house, got another NO, with the excuse of ‘we don’t want corps members’, I visited again after the break, got another No, I visited again this time hoping to see someone else, but I was too fortunate to meet the same person again. She reluctantly asked me to return the next day with a Curriculum Vitae (this is my business) I did and included an Application Letter to show how serious I was. When the Station Manager saw it, she was wowed and I could tell, 'Are you sure, you are all these?’ she said.

I have learnt that rejection is usually a pattern, we all reject something one day and one time. When it becomes too consistent then check the method and understand the potential acceptability of the method by the client, do I sing his/her song?

Primarily, the ability to reject rejections is key to every individual who intends to scale through any phase, there must be a reason why we want you. Sometimes your ideas need a dose of doggedness and rascality, know this time. I know for sure that if a company tells me NO then it’s to your detriment.

Above all don’t deceive yourself rejecting Rejections when you truthfully have nothing to offer, you are simply getting old and rejecting a truth that keeps you relevant.





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